Aqua Beauty Care company is a distributor of cosmetics for face and body care. It has been created thinking about family especially women and their needs. All of the products offered by our company, comprise of ingredients chosen amongst the mildest and most effective ones. 

The cooperation with our partners is based on fairness and honesty while establishing long term relations is our priority. We wish to cooperate with the best, that is why we carefully choose cosmetic companies which we represent on the UK market. Our aim is to provide the British public with proven, safe and effective cosmetics and all required information concerning skin and face care in the sanctity of your house.


Necessity and the love for beauty is the mother of our company, what has inspired us to distribute the cosmetics which had not been available before on the UK market.

Taking into consideration  our customers’ satisfaction we offers luxurious cosmetics, which  provide effective and safe skin care. From the very beginning of the creation of our company we have wished to meet the highest expectations regarding the quality of our products and their effectiveness.

Our mission is to understand the needs of the modern family especially woman who really care about face and body skin, and to fulfil them from the true love of genuine beauty.